Why professionals prefer
Credit Money Machine:

Automatic Extraction of Disputes

Windows based (resides secured in your computer)

More features, faster, more secure

More profitable (does in seconds what others do in hours)

You can own it and stop rent payments forever


Client & Affiliate Portals

Installed in your own website not ours

Bilingual English-Spanish

Integrated Referral System

More secure (don't contain sensitive information)


CRM, Management, Marketing
and Financial Capabilities

All versions have a Lead Finder area. Our Pro Plus and Ultimate have: Invoicing, Email System (sends and receive), Auto-Messenger, Account Receivables, Payables, Check Writing, Bank Reconciliation, Charge of Credit Cards, ACH Checks, Escrow Account, Check Drafts, Telemarketing, Parsing System(data extraction system) and much more.


Two Styles of Websites

Two styles to choose from
Communicate with CMM by receiving leads from your website while receiving the client and affiliate portals
You can buy them and they'll be yours forever.
Stop rent payments forever.


Take the 25 Second Challenge

See by yourself why Credit Money Machine is by far the fastest and easiest credit repair software under the sun.
Let me prove it to you now. See the video.


Pay-Per-Deletion Method

See how you can make more money with Pay-Per-Deletion
The Pay Per Deletion Method is the most profitable method & 100% Legal


Free CRM App for your Salespeople, Clients & Affiliates

Use it on iPad and iPhones.
Ideal for sales people on the road.


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Convert your Credit Repair Company into a money-making Credit Money Machine.

We have NEW PORTALS with new look and three languages English, Spanish and Polish (View New Portal)

Do you know that you can and should use Credit Money Machine to manage your other businesses because of its financial and marketing capabilities?

Don't create a potential liability for your business by using a web-based software, be smart and use Credit Money Machine and maintain your client's data secured in your computer.

The most important thing is clients. CMM has an integrated and complete system to manager unlimited clients.

Additionally, if you want to out-source your work to others or want to do the out-sourcing processing for your clients we have special features to control the round and the ability to post the client portals directly inside your clients' websites (this is a most for any professional out-sourcer) Call us at (954) 568-7153 to know about these special features.

Now our professional Credit Repair Software comes with CRMsync™ technology.

What is CRMsync™?

CRMsync is a technology that allows two of more computers to synchronize seamlessly unlimited data (content & documents) at different times and places so users can work at full speed without being online at all times.

The CRMsync™ technology is a must for Credit Repair Companies that want to expand their operations by having external agents that do processing, sell, telemarket, or interact with leads and prospects in any way.

All versions of our Credit Repair Software can communicate among each other and also with our line CRM Software using CRMsync™ . Affiliates, salespeople and telemarketers can take advantage of the CRMsync™ technology depending on their requirements. Cost starts at $5 per month with the CRM Companion (check www.CRURUS.com.)

See a video explaining its use by clicking here

New QUICK MENU lets you use the program intuitively from day one with ease.

New QUICK MENU lets you use the program intuitively from day one with ease.

Everything you need to launch, market and run a lucrative credit repair business:

We developed a full line of Credit Repair Software so your business won't outgrow Credit Money Machine ever

  • CMM Ultimate
  • CMM Pro Plus
  • CMM Pro
  • CMM Lite

Support & Training

In addition to our video training we provide one-on-one live personalized training for the Pro, Pro-Plus and Ultimate versions.
Training is given on the key business components (dispute processing, client and leads management and marketing) to help "guarantee" your success.

Professional Portals

Not all Portals are created equal. Our Client and Affiliate Portals will be installed on your own website for speed, security and capabilities.

Sample Portals:

Client Portal
Affiliate Portal
  • Bilingual English-Spanish
  • Integrated Referral System
  • Responsive Smartphone Portals
  • Add your own background

A website you can own

Sample sites:

Website Slyle 1
Website Slyle 2

Two slyles, your choice. Pay only $99.97 x 5 installments or get a 20% discount and pay just 1 payment of $399.97.
Includes free hosting for a year for your website and portals. (Websites can be rented too)

Solutions tailored for your specific business needs:



  • Automatic Extraction of Disputes
  • Automatic Assignment of Letters
  • Automatic Assignment of Dispute Reasons
  • Automatic Scheduling of Disputes
  • Integrated CRM Manager
  • Integrated Task Manager
  • Integrated Personal Agenda
  • Integrated Payment Reminder
  • Integrated Credit Card Analyzer
  • Integrated Debt Reduction Manager
  • Integrated Budget Center
  • Integrated Loan Amortization Center



All the features in the Lite version, plus:

  • Owners' hosted Client Portals
  • Owners' hosted Affiliate Portals
  • Integrated Telemarketing System
  • Automatic Assignment of Letters
  • Automatic Assignment of Dispute Reasons
  • Automatic Scheduling of Disputes
  • Integrated CRM Manager
  • Integrated Task Manager
  • Integrated Personal Agenda
  • Integrated Payment Reminder

Pro Plus


All the features in the Pro version, plus:

  • Integrated Invoicing System
  • Integrated Account Receivables
  • Integrated Account Payables
  • Checks / Drafts Writing
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Charge of Credit Cards
  • Integrated E-Mail System
  • Integrated Auto-Responder
  • Financial Desktop
  • Parsing System(data extraction)
  • Much more....



All the features in the Pro Plus version, plus:

  • Articles Manager
  • External AutoResponder Interaction
  • Extraction of Free Leads
  • Competitors Analyzer
  • Keywords Analyzer
  • Tracking of Marketing Campaigns
  • Integrated Survey System
  • Twitter Scheduler
  • One-Click Web Store
  • Websites Manager
  • 100+ more features....

Advantages of using Credit Money Machine:

Web-Based vs

  • Very slow
  • Expensive (rent forever)
  • Limited features
  • Software & Portal in control of vendor
  • Sensitive data in vendor's hands
  • Risk of data loss
  • Very fast
  • Inexpensive (you can own it)
  • Feature rich
  • Software & Portal under your control
  • Sensitive data secured on your own computer
  • Integrated backup system

Free Credit Repair Tips & Tricks

Why Credit Money Machine is Better

  • More profitable because it has all the areas your business must have in one place.

  • Does in seconds what others do in hours

  • You can own it and be yours forever.

  • Resides secured in your computer not online

  • Extracts disputes automatically

  • Find deletions on next months automatically.

  • Special Out-Sourcing Capabilities (can post your client portals inside your client's website)
    Inquire about this special feature to understand its benefits
Today is: 03/01/2015 Do you have authorization from your clients to give their sensitive information to other parties?
These days the FTC (www.FTP.gov) is checking on Credit Repair Companies on many compliance aspects that you may not be aware of.

You receive sensitive information from your clients in trust (Social Security, Drivers License, W-2, Date of Birth, Passwords, etc.)

When you put that information in somebody else's hands, like when you use a web-based software, you are violating this trust and possibly creating a huge liability for you and your company.

Even if you put in your contract, it would be rare that your client has read it and understand the consequences, therefore, unless you make them initialize that particular paragraph you could be creating a future issue.

Imagine, for example, that the company you send your client's sensitive information is hacked or simply assaulted by a disgruntled employee, in this case you could be responsible for the use and consequences derived from the use of that privilege information.

When you maintain your client's data under your control, like in your own computer, you reduce greatly the possibility of such data being stolen and used by an undesirable party.

Recentrly 1.6 Billion usernames and passwords were stolen (see the news here ) your clients could be part of this group and you could be responsible for the consequences.

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Today is: 03/01/2015 CB Requesting Additional Information

As a consultant, make sure you are aware that credit bureaus will sometimes send a letter back to your client requesting additional information regarding their disputes.

Please note that this is an attempt to add more time to their investigation process and yes, it is very sneaky.

If you reply, they are entitled an additional 15 days to investigate under the FCRA. Just wait until the 30 days is up before replying. Usually in this case many times the items disputed will come off because they were not verified in a timely fashion.

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